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    There are many buildings in the city of Cedar Rapids that qualify to be listed on both the LOCAL and NATIONAL REGISTER LISTINGS.  Becoming a local registered landmark helps provide a safe place for a building of historical significance to reside and remain a part of our rich history.

    FCRHP can help guide you through the process of becoming a local landmark. 

The process of being listed takes several months after submitting your application to the city, and through our knowledge and understanding, we can expedite the application process. Feel free to contact us to see if your home or building would qualify.





   Unfortunately, there are times when a historic building or home is faced with the process of demolition. If the structure is physical sound and can be saved, relocation of the structure is a valid and a promising solution to demolition.  

   FCRHP helps to locate properties, both in a historical district and outside a district.  By securing these open parcels of land and trying to work out the legal aspects of purchasing or often times, the donation of land, it expedites the process of moving a property in jeopardy. The cities HPC can put a 60-day hold on a property that would fall within these parameters. The process and measures taken for this action to transpire normally take much longer than 60 days.  The city is good about helping with the preservation process but because of local ordinances, this process must be done in a timely manner. By securing parcels beforehand and by working with other preservation groups, it can make this whole process transpire more rapidly.

   FCRHP values this preservation process which was more common from 1890's up through the 1940's.  It is our goal to lessen the demolitions to properties that add value to Cedar Rapids architectural and cultural heritage.




    We are currently working with Grace Episcopal Church on the nominating process to become a Local Landmark Listing. Located across from the Scottish Rite Temple on A Ave NE,  This beautiful church has a vast amount of history on both it's cultural story to the area as well as its fascinating architectural history. Grace's story is fascinating and we are thrilled to be helping one of the longest active churches tell it's story through becoming recognized as a local landmark listing.  Becoming a local landmark will help preserve this church protecting it from the perils of modern progress.  Its story is vital to the area. Grace Episcopal is responsible for the opening of St. Luke's Hospital. A fascinating story worth protecting. 





   Perkins, Charles W., and Nellie House located 1228 3rd Avenue SE is currently on FCRHPS project list for local nomination. Owner Eric Gutschimidt sought our help getting this Nationally listed property on our growing list of Local Landmarks.

   This two-and-one-half story home was built in the late 1890's in the late Victorian Queen Anne style but showing influence as well from the Shingle Style, both styles have been popular in the very late nineteenth century.  

   The Pekins House is among a number of impressive homes along 3rd Avene SE and is distinguished by prominent two-and-one-half story tower on the southwest corner of the house. There are many other beautiful architectural features in this house, like rectangular shingles siding, modillion shaped blocks, a band of applied laurel wreath patterns, special window appliques, large brick chimney, large copper spire crowns on the roof of the tower, and detailed brackets just to name a few.

   The Perkins House is locally significant under Criterion C as a preserved example of the middle to upper-income household residential properties that were built along 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Cedar Rapids in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  FCRHPS is thrilled to assist Eric through the process of local nomination.


                  SUCCESSFULLY LISTED

                     WINTER OF 2018

Project #5 is waiting for you!

 Please contact us with ideas for upcoming PROJECTS  that you feel FCRHP

could work on for the betterment of

historical preservation

in our area.


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