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2018 Award Winners

*  Residential Historic Rehabilitation 2nd & 3rd Dist. - 209 Park Ct SE   Mission of Hope

*   Residential Historic Paint Theme 2nd & 3rd Dist. - 1807 2nd Ave SE - Jennifer & Chris Szymanowski

*   Residential Historic Paint Theme Redmond Grande Dist. - 1609 Grande Ave SE - Shirley Cox

*   Exterior Restoration for Mixed-Use/Commercial - 120 3rd Ave SW - Rowell Hardware Development

*   Adaptive Re-use Small Project - 1024 2nd St SE - ACME Electric

*   Adaptive Re-use Large Project - 3200 Pioneer Ave SE - Monroe Place - AHNI

*   Project Excellence Small Project - The former White Elephant Little Woods New Bo LLC, 1305 3rd St SE

*   Project Excellence Large Project - The Chelsea - 525 Valor Way SW   Hobart Historic Restoration

*   Stewardship Individual - Amanda McKnight Grafton

*   Stewardship Organization - Habitat for Humanity ~ for A Brush With Kindness program (owner occupied homes) (painting, maintenance, landscaping) owner assists in work 60 performed in Wellington Heights and of those 14 were performed in the local historic districts


Friends of Cedar Rapids Historic Preservation 

looks forward to seeing you on 


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