The Bever Park Bridge Restoration Project (CR Historic Presversation Commission) is fundraising to restore our beloved Bever Park Bridge. The restoration cost for this iconic bridge is $150,000.00 and we need your help.  It's not in the city budget to restore this 1920's bridge, however the city is supporting this effort by paying 25% of the restoration cost. 


      Your generous donation will help restore one of the few remaining artifacts in the park.  Rich in history, this bridge is one example of the stone work done in the 1920's.  The bridge's construction was built by hand and was extremely well constructed and has stood the test of time as one of the original stone features found in Bever Park.  Unfortunately, because of it's age, it's in dire need of restoration. The stone walls, or the sides of the bridge are in reasonably good condition, but the deck has deteriorated to the point of being very unsafe and has been closed to the public.  There are other examples of this type of stone work built in this period in Ellis Park; "The Shakespeare/Rose Garden Wall" and the "Round Pavilion"  and all are wonderful examples of this periods quality craftsmanship.

     We have looked at a few proposed methods to restore the bridge, however, the City will hire a structural engineer to finalize the work and then we will put the project out for public bid. We have included the Engineer’s fee in our budget.”  For historic purposes, it's important that as much of the bridge as possible stays intact for its historical significance. The walls of the bridge will be cleaned and tuck pointed.  When the restoration process is complete we will have a piece of history that will live on for another 100 years for our future generations to enjoy as past generations did.

      Can we count your donation to help us succeed?  All donations are being secured by the non-profit

FRIENDS OF CEDAR RAPIDS HISTORIC PRESERVATION and all donations are tax deductible.  Please support this cause by clicking on donate located on this page.   All forms of payment are accepted and are tax deductible. 

Use Pay Pal, credit card, GO FUND ME BEVER PARK BRIDGE,

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) — From Old MacDonald's Farm to OldMacDonald's Farm, stepping into Bever Park is like stepping back in time.

Until recently, one of the best places to take those first steps was the historic Bever Park stone bridge.

"The bridge is part of an original landscaping plan for Bever Park when it was first being established," said Mark Stoffer Hunter, a historian at The History Center.

The structure first saw use in the early 1900s, and was used by vehicles as recently as 45 years ago according to Stoffer Hunter, which is the last time any maintenance was done on the bridge.

More than a century since its construction, the bridge is now in disrepair, forcing the city to close the structure due to safety concerns.

The fate of the bridge still somewhat murky, City Manager Jeff Pomeranz released a statement Thursday afternoon, acknowledging city staff did consider removing the footbridge, but based on community feedback, will reassess.

"The bridge is currently secured for safety purposes, and will not be removed," writes Pomeranz, adding, "We plan to determine the most cost effective solution for repairs, and hope to hear from parties interested in contributing funds, in order to help us save the bridge."

City staff surveyed the bridge with engineering and surveying company Anderson Bogert Thursday morning, evaluating needs and costs of the project.

"A lot of people working very hard right now," said Stoffer Hunter of city efforts. "Everyone really wants to keep this bridge here and look at a variety of creative opportunities to get the money raised to get this restored."

Stoffer Hunter said he's hoping to keep the bridge around for at least another hundred years.

He's certainly not alone in his support of the structure.

"Save the bridge," said Bob Strickland, who jogs by the bridge at least once a week. "It's been here forever. It's a relic of Cedar Rapids."

Stoffer Hunter, a member of Save CR Heritage and the chairman of the Historic Preservation Committee, added, "The City of Five Seasons, you know, we have that fifth season -- time to enjoy. This is what time to enjoy is all about right here -- this bridge in Bever Park."

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January 4, 2019 KCRG
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